11 Top OSINT Tools Changing the Game in 2024

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Ritu Gill

Feb 8, 2024

In an era defined by the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, the realm of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has emerged as a cornerstone for professionals across a multitude of sectors, including cybersecurity, law enforcement, journalism, and market research.

As we navigate through 2024, the evolution of OSINT tools has been nothing short of groundbreaking, propelling our ability to conduct comprehensive investigations, verify intricate details, and uncover the digital footprints of individuals and entities with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

The landscape of OSINT tools has expanded to offer solutions that not only enhance data collection and analysis but also significantly improve the identification of people, places, and essential details, thereby enriching the investigative process.

Today, I am thrilled to present a meticulously curated list of the top 11 OSINT tools for 2024.

This selection, inclusive of Forensic OSINT, a tool I co-founded, stands out for its innovation, unparalleled functionality, and distinctive capabilities that empower professionals to gather intelligence, authenticate information, and forge connections crucial for investigative success.

Each tool has been carefully chosen for its contribution to advancing the field of OSINT, ensuring that professionals are equipped with the most sophisticated and effective resources to navigate the complexities of today’s digital landscape.

Forensic OSINT

As the co-founder of Forensic OSINT, I am proud to include it in this list, not from a place of bias, but because of the genuine value it brings to the OSINT community. Forensic OSINT was created with the vision of providing an advanced web capture solution that ensures the integrity and verifiability of online evidence through file hashing and source code downloads. This tool is essential for professionals who require the highest standards of evidence in their investigations.

Website: https://www.forensicosint.com

Forensic OSINT addresses a significant need for reliable online evidence collection, ensuring that every piece of information is accurate, verifiable, and preserved with the utmost integrity.

Why I Like It:

This tool enhances the user experience of capturing online content and streamlining the investigative process.

As investigators, we recognized the gap in online evidence collection and developed a tool with the dual purpose of simplifying the capture process and securing the evidence for legal scrutiny. This sets a new standard in online investigation tools.

2. Epieos

Website: https://epieos.com

Epieos is invaluable for digging into the deep web to find personal information, enhancing the ability to identify individuals during investigations.

Epieos is an account finder tool that discreetly locates account information without alerting the user. Upon entering an email and completing the captcha, it provides results indicating where the email has been used online.

Why I Like It:

Its powerful search capabilities make it an essential tool for uncovering difficult-to-find personal details, aiding in comprehensive background checks and investigative research.

Users leave Google reviews on businesses, establishing a connection between themselves and businesses, potentially revealing a pivotal aspect in the investigation.

3. Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

Website: https://archive.org/web

The Wayback Machine enables users to view historical web pages, offering a unique perspective on the evolution of websites and helping to trace the online footprint of entities and individuals.

Why I Like It:

This tool is indispensable for retrieving lost information and understanding the historical context of a person's or organization's online presence as it allows you to access previous versions of websites. This can be particularly useful if a site has been removed or updated with new content.

Sometimes, you might need to verify if a target previously worked at a company, but their information isn't currently on the site. In many cases, individuals may intentionally remove details from their current website, so examining older versions could reveal valuable insights that they previously had listed.

4. Truecaller

Website: https://www.truecaller.com

Truecaller excels in identifying unknown calls and texts, providing a direct avenue to identify individuals based on phone numbers.

Why I Like It:

Truecaller has an extensive database of phone numbers and because it operates internationally, it allows users to search for numbers from any country.

5. Skype

Website: https://www.skype.com

Skype is widely used for communication but also serves as a vital tool for identifying and connecting with individuals through their profiles, based on phone numbers or email addresses.

Why I Like It:

Its global reach and the depth of information available make it a practical tool for verifying identities and conducting remote interviews or investigations.

6. Whoxy

Website: https://www.whoxy.com

Whoxy provides comprehensive WHOIS data, making it an essential resource for investigating the ownership and history of domain names, which can lead to identifying entities or individuals behind websites.

Why I Like It:

The level of detail in domain registration and history is invaluable for uncovering connections and ownership structures in my online investigations.

7. Whatsmyname

Website: https://whatsmyname.app

This tool simplifies the process of finding user profiles across various platforms using just a username, significantly aiding in the identification of individuals across social media and other online platforms.

Why I Like It:

Its effectiveness in cross-referencing and identifying online personas saves considerable time in investigations.

8. Host

Website: https://host.io

Host.io offers detailed analytics on domains, including backlinks and outbound links, which are key for uncovering relationships between websites and identifying potential leads in investigations.

Why I Like It:

The insights into a domain's web ecosystem are critical for mapping out online connections and investigating the online presence of individuals or organizations.

9. Have I Been Pwned

Website: https://haveibeenpwned.com

This tool is vital for security, alerting users to data breaches which can aid in identifying compromised individuals or organizations and understanding the scope of their online footprint.

Why I Like It:

The proactive approach to data breach awareness and the comprehensive breach data it provides is essential for advising on security best practices and investigating breach impacts.

10. Family Tree Now

Website: https://www.familytreenow.com

Family Tree Now offers free access to extensive genealogy records, a unique resource for background checks, and understanding familial connections, which can be pivotal in certain investigations.

Why I Like It:

The tool's capacity to trace family connections and compile comprehensive genealogical records is unparalleled, providing deep insights into personal histories and relationships.

11. Google Dorks

Website: https://www.google.com/advanced_search

Google Dorks is a powerful way to find information hidden in the realms of the internet. Using Google's advanced search operators allow users to find targeted and specific information on the internet.


These tools showcase the forefront of what OSINT tools offer in 2024, reflecting significant advancements in the ability to gather, verify, and analyze information. Each tool, with its unique capabilities, supports a broad range of investigative needs, from identifying individuals and places to ensuring the integrity of online evidence.

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