Forensic OSINT Web Capture Extension

OSINT Web Capture Software

Capture Evidence Quickly
Before It Disappears

Detailed Evidence at a Glance

  • High-Clarity Captures:
    Each PDF report showcases crystal-clear screen captures.

  • Optimized Layout:
    Arranged four per page to highlight details effectively.

  • Critical Documentation:
    Captures and organizes every essential moment of your investigation.
NASA Instagram Capture Example
Video Capture Example

Capture Critical Evidence in Moments

  • Powerful Toolkit:
    Enhanced with Video Download capabilities.

  • Effortless Downloads:
    Quickly save videos from YouTube, TikTok, and X (Twitter).

  • Timely Evidence:
    Access and secure dynamic content when it matters most.

Video Evidence Continuity Report

  • Secure Authentication:
    Verify the integrity of your video evidence.

  • Detailed Reporting:
    Includes hashes, capture dates, and time-stamped frames.

  • Reliable Documentation:
    Ensures meticulous evidence continuity for legal scrutiny.
Video Evidence Continuity Report
Customized Reports

Customized Reports for Legal Clarity

  • Professional Branding:
    Upload your banner for a consistent identity in all reports.

  • Legal Tailoring:
    Add disclaimers and information suited for legal contexts.

  • Clear Communication:
    Ensure every document reflects your brand's professionalism.

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OSINT Expertise at Your Fingertips

  • Integrated Guidance:
    Expert advice from Ritu Gill was built directly into the extension and is available to you.

  • Real-Time Tips:
    Automatic suggestions and privacy tips while you browse.

  • Informed Capturing:
    Learn best practices for capturing data as you work.
Forensic OSINT Quick Tips
Extracted Values from Web Pages

Automated Key
Value Extraction

  • Investigative Edge:
    Utilize our Key Value Extraction for efficient data collection.

  • Auto-Extraction:
    Instantly pull key information from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Tinder.

  • Focused Analysis:
    Concentrate on crucial insights, leaving data gathering to us.
Ritu Gill - Co-Founder of Forensic OSINT

A Note from Ritu Gill

I'm Ritu Gill, and my mission is clear:

Infuse my OSINT expertise into our knowledgebase, empowering your investigative work.

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